Me & Boyfriend

Me & Boyfriend

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mountain Air, North Carolina...a slice of heaven!

If you read my previous post about landing in Mountain Air then you know I was happy to be there...and alive. But with that being said, this place is amazing. The views, the golf courses, the houses, the food, oh and the bears!

The pro shop doubles as the radio control tower which is quite entertaining but that is the only thing that is small time about this place. The houses are huge and have amazing views. I would hope to one day be lucky enough to have a house there!

There is a country club with a jacket dress code but that is the only formal thing about this place. Everyone rides around on golf carts, gets together for parties all the time, and plays golf like crazy!

While we were there a front was coming in (what we landed in) so the first morning we laid around, watched football, boyfriend napped, and enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere.

For lunch we headed (by car) down the mountain to Burnsville, NC. A quaint little town that was once a "dry town" but now the once Amish restaurant is a liquor store. That is their big news and what everyone talks about.

I have to be honest, I don't know which is worse...the landing at Mountain Air or the drive down the mountain! I tried not to look down, but when the edge of the mountain is a foot outside your is difficult to ignore.

Luckily, the weather cleared up in the afternoon and FSU was playing like crap so we played 9 holes on their amazing golf course before heading to the club for my birthday dinner.

If you or a friend has a beach or mountain house you know to check the expiration dates of anything in the fridge. You never know how long anything has been in there. Apparently this goes for Dom Perignon as well! There was a nice 1985 (after I was born) bottle of it in fridge that we took to dinner with us. I was secretly SUPER excited about this because I have actually never had Dom Perignon before. I didn't allow my excitement to show which proved to be a good thing...since it had gone bad! GROSS! Have you ever had bad champagne? I haven't, but Boyfriend did! Yuck!

The next day we enjoyed playing the full 18 in a golf tournament. Along the way we met many nice people. The funny thing about it, all the men were that is all Boyfriend and them talked about...well not so "funny" but that just doesn't happen every day.

The pictures don't do it justice but I tried.

I found Heaven...and almost died trying!

Heaven is in North Carolina at Mountain Air Country Club! This place magical and the views are amazing but the arrival was a little tricky.

This story begins on Thursday in Orlando. Boyfriend forwarded me a email from a Senator friend of ours who has a summer home there that said "how about this weekend" to visit them. Of course I wasn't going to pass this up so I said "heck yea!"

problem #1: We were in Orlando until Friday at 11
problem #2: We have to land at the private air strip on TOP of the mountain by 5:30
problem #3: 11+1 hour flight to Tally+ travel time= less than an hour to pack
problem #4: 61 degrees...I can't remember what that feel like, let alone what I have in my fall/winter wardrobe that fits so pre-planning is very difficult

After overcoming all of my problems with ease I focused on the BIG PROBLEM...flying into the mountains (boyfriend has never done) and landing on a runway on top of the mountain. in case you need a mental picture...mountain, then runway, then other side of grass on either sides...just a cliff you fall off of on each side.

OH, and there was FOG and RAINING! I have never needed cabin service and a cocktail so bad! But the stewardess was no where to be found so I did my best not to freak out.

We did a fly around because we couldn't see it the first time. Then we went in for the landing. Boyfriend is a very good pilot but landing at 4,400 feet with mountains that "eat planes" surrounding you is challenging for the best pilot. Luckily, the brakes worked and we lived.

Yes, I almost kissed the ground when I got out but I was shaking too much!

Taking off was a little different story...stay tuned!

Swinging hard and looking good!

This past weekend I played golf at Mountain Air (see "Heaven" blog). I've been playing golf for a couple of years and I've had some lessons from the famous Becky Sauers but I'm no 10 handicap or anything. To make up for my lack of skill I try my best to look good!

I figure if I can dazzle my opponents with my attire maybe they will be intimidated! I mean, golf is all strategy anyway!

When I found out I was going to be playing at Mountain Air Country Club I was the one who was intimidated. First of all, I'm not good. Second of all, I was going to be playing in a tournament with people who are good. So I knew they had the ability to look good!

Lucky for me, I freaked out and sent a OMG email to Becky Sauers (best golf pro EVER) freaking out about my attire (not my game). She replied immediately with assistance! Becky carries the "Jamie Sadock" line of women's golf clothes. She was so nice to drop of multiple outfits in my size on my front porch for me to try! So not only did she solve my clothing crisis but she delivered! She is my hereo!

I have to say that the attire may have helped my golf swing because I wasn't as intimidated by my surroundings! We didn't win the tournament but we sure did have fun! Contact Becky if you need help with your swing or your attire! She Rocks!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Conversations I never thought I would have.....

The other day I called my girlfriend to say "hey, I just passed you in the parent drop off line"...she said "I bet you never thought you'd say that!"

So true!

Being the girlfriend of a boyfriend who has a 9 and 13 year old is fun, scary, confusing, and highly entertaining most all the time.

(Pre-boyfriend of course)Never did I think I would be in a parent pick up/drop off line.

Or practice spelling words in the car with a 9 year old on the way to school. (this is a lot of pressure....I'm his last practice before the test, does that mean if he misses one it's my fault? Thank goodness it wasn't math or we'd both be in the doghouse!)

Or have to stop at the ATM on the way to school to give them lunch money...which I learned that $5 in middle school can buy you Chick fil a. Seriously? What happened to the days of square pizza, fish sticks, and mashed potatoes served by a lady in a hair net with a big mole on her nose?

Or spending my Saturday mornings at soccer or baseball games.(and using rubber gloves to wash his cup)

Or having repeated conversations with 9 year old about lifting the toilet seat (putting it down will be another conversation saved for when he finally puts it up)

Or overhearing the awkward conversation of other kids calling me their mom or step mom or nanny (yea, that one I corrected right away!). One of my girlfriend's son later came up to her and said "when do I get a step mom like her"....ha ha...that didn't go over well with my girlfriend!

Or the praying that goes on the night before you are supposed to spend the day on the boat....that you will not have the "tampon" conversation with her. (God answered my prayers)

Or having conversations with a 13 year old girl about boys, make up, driving, shopping and movies that you have to carefully navigate around considering boyfriend thinks she is not going to talk, kiss, or hold hands with a boy until she is 30!

Or worrying about what you are wearing to the kid events because as of right now...I'm still cool...(not sure how much longer that will last but thank goodness I have a "cool" car)

But it is all worth it when the kids arrive and make special requests of my cooking, ask to go shopping with me, or even play golf with me!


September is my favorite month! I mean, all the other months in the year are okay....August just sucks because of the heat but it is September that I look forward to!

College football season starts! (FSU kicked Samfords butt in the season opener this year!)

Fall begins to arrive and the temperature drops just a few degrees so that we are not miserable in North Florida.

You begin the month with a holiday!

Starbucks releases the Pumpkin Spice Latte

When I lived in DC the leaves start to change a little

Kids are back in school and settled so my stay at home moms have more time for golf, coffee, lunch, and me in general!

All my shows come back on (Greys, Brothers & Sisters, Desperate, etc)

At the same time, Entourage season finale

Oh and the best reason of's my birthday month!!! It doesn't bother me that I am getting older (yet) and I still get presents from my parents & boyfriend so it ROCKS!!

All of these are reasons enough to make September MY favorite month of the year! Don't you agree?

Monday, August 30, 2010

PC-Back in the Day!

Boyfriend and I took his kids to Panama City Beach for a last beach trip before school started. It's ironic that PC is less than 2 hours from home but I haven't been there in 10 years or so.

Back in the day I used to spend my high school and college Spring Breaks there along with millions of other kids and MTV of course. Boy have things changed. I realize I sound old but seriously, I hardly recognized it. If it wasn't for good ole Club La Vela still standing I would've thought I was somewhere else! Good to know some things stay the same...I think.

PC with kids is entirely different than spring break back in the day!

**This time around I only drove by Club La Vela...definitely didn't hit it up during the day for the hot bodies contest nor did I go "clubing" at night.

**Only 1 kid had a blow up mattress in our 3 bedroom condo, as opposed to 10 girls in a 2 bed hotel room.

**We at dinner and it wasn't at 3 am at Waffle House.

**We got in the ocean to play and swim...not to just pee.

**We wore sunblock.

**We did not walk the strip (mainly because it was so dead, driving down it only took a minute)

**We were in bed by midnight after playing 10,000 (dice game) with the kids and up by 9am. Only the teenagers out slept us.

**Oh and no one brought a beer funnel

Yea, quite different but fun just the same. Check out the video of Boyfriend's son in the sling shot! And I am happy to report, there was no oil at PC Beach!